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Please refer to our Group Riding Guidelines, before joining us for a ride.

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INCOG has great maps of Tulsa area trails.
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Report area trail issues:
Path Maintenance Contacts

Report street issues and hazards in Tulsa

A Tool For
Defining Safe Practices
When Navigating
Our City Streets

Bicycle Pedestrian
Advisory Committee

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Learn more about our State
Advocacy Organization.

The League of American Bicyclists
Our National Advocacy Organization

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Ride Leader Information

When was the last time you led a Club ride?  Well, that's too long!

You don't have to be an expert rider and there are lots of folks to assist in helping prepare maps, mark the route, etc.  Take a minute to review the Ride Leader Manual below and see what it's all about.  Then contact the Club's Vice President and let them know you'd like to give it a try. Best of all, you get to take a route of your own choosing!

Ride Leaders' Guide

For new and experienced Ride Leaders alike.  This document holds current information related to our expectations of Ride Leaders and how they conduct a club sponsored ride.


Ride Leaders' Guide


Waiver Form for Non-members

Copies of this waiver form will need to be made by the Ride Leaders to have onhand at their rides.  All non-members must sign a waiver document to participate in our rides.  Completed waivers should be mailed to the Club Secretary following the ride.


Insurance Form

Ride Leaders should keep one or more of these Insurance Claim Forms available so they can record the appropriate information in the event of an accident on their ride.


Insurance - Incident Reporting Form



Printable Club Membership Form

It's always good to have a few membership forms onhand for folks who might be interested in joining the club.  Print a few and keep them with you to hand out if needed.


Club Membership Form - PDF format



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