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Please refer to our Group Riding Guidelines, before joining us for a ride.
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Ride Classifications

  • Show Up *SU* - No leader, no route, no plan.  Those who show up determine it all.
  • Self Directed *SD* - Route is either marked or mapped or perhaps both.  May or may not have a designated ride leader. No SAG supported unless otherwise noted.  Most TBC rides are self directed in that riders typically break up into small groups riding at a similar pace rather than riding as one large group.  Most TBC riders DO have leaders, but they don't actually "lead" the ride from the front of all riders.  Rather, they are responsible for determining the route, marking and mapping (if marking is done or maps provided), making announcements at the beginning of the ride to note any last minute items such as route changes, safety considerations, etc.  From that point forward, the ride "leader" generally remains at the back of the rider group to assist riders, if necessary.
  • Self Contained *SC* - Bicycling and camping for those comfortable carrying all their gear, whether in panniers or a trailer.  Touring group has some equipment to assist those interested in trying self-contained touring.
  • Mountain Bike *MB* - Trail riding and riding on non-paved roads and trails.

Pace Classifications

Leisurely *L* - Less than 12 MPH average

  • You will not be left behind on Leisurely rides.
  • These are social rides with an emphasis on FUN, as well as learning or improving safe bicycling skills.
  • Anyone with mechanical or physical difficulties can expect someone to stop and lend a hand.  If you can't change a tire yourself, someone will be glad to help.

Moderate *M* - 12-15 MPH average

  • For cyclists competent in basic bike handling and safety skills.  Emphasis is on improving fitness and riding ability.  
  • A reasonable attempt will be made to assist and account for all riders.
  • Anyone having mechanical difficulties can expect someone to stop and lend a hand.

Strenuous *S* - Over 15 MPH average

  • This classification is for strong, experienced riders.
  • Physically demanding rides where you will be expected to keep pace with the other riders.
  • You need to be able to handle your own mechanical problems.
  • You should NOT expect the ride "leader" to "bring up the rear" or assist with mechanical difficulties.

Guidelines for determining whether a ride is "right" for you ...

  • Riders are expected to be ready to ride at the start time listed.
  • Riders are expected to ride within the pace indicated for the ride classification listed.
  • If you are not sure how hard any ride is relative to your ability, please contact the ride leader before the ride.
  • Weather and terrain may influence the average pace.  
  • Choose rides based upon your experience, physical condition, and ability to keep up.
  • Maps, cue sheets, and/or road markings are seldom provided but riders can use the Club's Ride With GPS page and maps to get turn-by-turn directions on their smart phone or GPS device.
  • If you leave the route, it then becomes your own ride, but please let the ride leader know if possible.
  • Your bicycle equipment should be in good operating condition.
  • Though you can usually find someone of your experience and fitness level to ride with, come prepared for the ride as advertised (pace, etc).

All riders must ...

  • Ride responsibly in a safe, courteous, and legal manner.
  • Wear a helmet approved by the Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC).
  • Minimum you should carry ...
    • Whatever you need to repair or replace a flat (tire tools, patch kit or spare tube, pump or CO2 cartridge inflator).
    • Water bottles filled prior to start of ride.
    • Identification and insurance information.
    • Snack.
    • Money for phone call or stop at a convenience store or restaurant.
    • Cell phone.

Inclement Weather Policy


See our Inclement Weather page for guidelines on when rides may be cancelled or may revert to a "show up" ride due to weather forecasted for the ride start date and time.



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